Blade Runner poster

12 Aug

So I got inspired while watching Blade Runner earlier this evening and decided to mock-up a tribute movie poster.

This was one of those rare occasions where the initial sketch actually almost perfectly informed the final design, plus some additional improvements of course. Fun times.

Sidenote: I did the entire thing, on a bed, with the trackpad. I fucking hate trackpads.


Hackney art-rock

2 Jun

Been a looooooooooooong time since I’ve posted anything on here – but a (very) random experiment this afternoon has yielded….this thing. Yep…I’ve got no idea either, but it seemed vaguely interesting. Seems to have that bizarre, intentionally shitty, 80s-throwback, hipster look.  Reminds me of something you might see as an album cover for a pretentious art-rock band from Hackney.

Happy Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend *crickets*


Christoph Niemann

21 Sep

Just stumbled upon Christoph Niemann this morning. I love his work for two reasons: 1) the old comic styling he uses; and 2) the clever ways he uses illustration to make  humorous and biting comments on contemporary social issues. He favours simplicity of illustration and concept over…well, visual complexity and lack of substance. Seems his work has graced the cover of The New Yorker countless times. Check out his website here

Also, if you have a little time, I’d highly recommend his very funny but very inspiring talk here. Seems to be a pattern with him, intelligent, stimulating content seasoned with humour.



Subway Maps of zeroperzero

20 Sep

While doing some research for my major project I came across this design studio based out of Seoul, Republic of Korea. They’ve done an incredible series of subway maps of various cities. It all started with the amazing one they did for Osaka (top). Each one is losely based around the respective country’s flag or an iconic piece of the city’s culture (e.g. the heart from the I heart NY campaign). Check out the last one, where they decided to do a maps for ALL OF EUROPE in one. That’s just mental

Check out their site here

Jim Tierney’s Beautiful Book Covers

10 Sep

I just came across Jim Tierney’s book cover designs. Some amazing work. Also his attention to the medium is very impressive, such as his clever use of bellybands and the like.

Check out his site here

Circular experiments

8 Sep

Last night I got inspired by seeing some abstract circular illustrations and ended up doing a bunch of visual experiments. An hour later, I was left with this. I’m actually thinking about using it for a logomark for a project I’m working on. We’ll see…

Cartoon Me

16 Aug

Lately I’ve been getting into simple, digital illustrations. There’s just something very fun about that sort of simplified, caricature kind of design that really appeals to me. So, I decided to do a quick, 5 minute illustration of myself for a bit of fun. It looks pretty South Park-esque – funny. Good times.