Colour experiments

14 Mar

Here is a colour experiment and analysis I’ve done recently. Just something to get the ball rolling on the blog…

Inspiration/context: colour manipulation of the Union Jack has become quite popular in moden UK consumer culture eg. greeting cards, household items such as cushions, company branding, etc. Purpose: to test the extent of the affects of colour in context of extremely recognisable designs that are strongly associated with emotional or personality characteristics i.e. national flags – are the colours inseparably linked with the forms (is changing colour enough to make the flag unrecognisable)? – can manipulating the colour schemes change the ‘personality’ associated with the respective flags? – flags almost exclusively use primary colours (red, yellow, blue) – what is affect of replacing these with secondary, tertiary colours – also whenever possible trying to reverse dominant/recessive relationships within colour forms

FINDINGS: – marked affect on personality of designs.- secondary/tertiary schemes give much softer, less formal feel than original primaries – despite colour manipulation they are still very recognisable by their form – seems in some cases, where form is very well established, colour is only one of a number of key factors of recognition – presumably logic behind commercial manipulation of flags lies in rewarding consumers with form they are very familiar with & likely have positive emotions toward, while softening the affect with secondary/tertiary colour schemes makes product more informal (genderise them, give them personality individuals can identify with



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