Type blending experiments

30 Mar

I saw some really interesting examples in a lecture today that used the Illustrator blend tool (which has quickly become my new favourite tool – see earlier colour experiments) to combine different fonts. I thought this would be a really interesting means of comparing fonts. I thought how well or how poorly they blended might be a good indication of what features they share or differ on. I did a handful of experiments combining Georgia and Helvetica and then combining Avenir and Times New Roman. The results varied quite a bit depending on the letter – from making some freaky mash-ups to having little effect. Then I started working within one typeface but blending different letters. That was when things started getting interesting. Some of the results from those experiments look a little David Carson-esque to me. I think I will expand these a little more later. I think if the right fonts and letterforms are combine it will yield some really interesting results



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