Visual test for my Zine

5 Apr

Wow, I’m putting in an EARLY entry today (usually its a last min scramble to come up with something before I go to bed). This is an early test of some visual concepts I want to explore for my Modest Mouse zine. The basic idea is to express the way the singer uses a whole number of fairly disparate voices to sing in throughout the album, which is very unusual in popular modern music. I always said it was like he had a number of different characters he’d created that he rotates through for various vocal parts.

Its a rough, 2 min job but I just wanted to see what it would like as a concept. I think it looks kind of interesting…but is it high-brow/design-y enough?! Dunno if I really care. This zine is meant to be more about it being fun and funky than amazingly designed. That is the zine aesthetic, no?



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