All type and no play

13 Apr

…makes Greg go crazy. I’ve been at this Type Hierarchy project for the last two days and I’m definitely going a bit type mad. We’ve been given one set of copy to which we have to apply type hierarchy in 4 different size formats with restrictions on which typographic devices we can use (varying weight, size or not being able to vary anything at all). I’ve prob done about 100 variations of this one set of text in the various smaller formats and now I’m just starting the A3 poster format. Below is the very first version. As is obvious, two days of nothing but this copy has brought my creativity to it’s bloodied knees. A good night’s sleep and a set of fresh eyes should do the trick though.

One thing this assignment has showed me is how crucial these handful of basic typographic hierarchy devices really are in not only creating a hierarchy but also creating a sort of rhythm and texture in typographic work. Being given a bunch of copy and trying to create hierarchy when you can only use one type size, one weight and one colour (black) is certainly a challange! This entry may contain the most successive uses of the word ‘hierarchy’ in the history of mankind. On that useless note I shall retire to slumber.


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