Information design

23 Apr

Been working on my information design assignment today, here’s a few of the designs. Having had the unfortunate experience of spending 5 years doing marketing research consulting, charts and graphs are something I’m all too familiar with. Unfortunately for me, that means I’m very well versed in Powerpoint and Excel. Having used these programs to create charts and tables for reports, I must say, doing simple bar charts in Illustrator is an awkward experience and kind of gives me more respect for Powerpoint. Never thought I’d say THOSE words. However, it is nice to have the ability to edit the aesthetics of the charts to your hearts delight, the way you can with Illustrator. I did everything in Illustrator this time but I skimmed an article that said you can set up the chart in Excel first and then bring it into Illustrator to make it pretty. I think that will be my method going forward.

It is so much better creating text-based tables in InDesign though. Using any of the Microsoft programs for tables is an incredibly frustrating experience that leaves you with very unsatisfactory results. I’m really coming to love InDesign, its just such a practical, pragmatic program…I know, I know…nerd.


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