Dead Mouse

7 Jun

So I’ve completely slacked off and not been posting everyday or anywhere near it in quite some time. No excuses, but I will say that my major hand in at the end of May left me pretty burnt out and needing to step back from it all. I’ve been thinking about it and I’m not actually so sure creating daily designs is very realistic or even entirely beneficial (quantity over quality?!)…BUT, I still need to get back to it…at least designing and posting  a couple things a week. Anyway, enough yammering from me. Today’s post is a typographic experiment for my DIY Zine elective, which is going to be a visual interpretation of  the incredible Modest Mouse album, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. With a title like that, how can it NOT be an amazing album?!  I am still struggling with it a bit to be honest but unless I change my mind (AGAIN!), its going to primarily focus on some of the more interesting and powerful lyrics. Admittedly,  this has given me a bad case of analysis paralysis but I’m now trying to trust my gut and just get on with it and execute my initial vision.





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