Andy Kehoe

11 Jul

Illustration was not always something I was mad about but more and more over the course of the last year I have come to see the light re: illustration. I’ve realised there’s just a lot of crap illustration out there, you have to sift through that to find the quality stuff.

I would definitely define Andy Kehoe‘s work as quality. A lot of his work seems to focus on nature and what appear to be sort of mythical creatures. At first glance they seem slightly dark in theme but a closer shows most of these creatures are very sentimental, nature loving, animal cuddling souls. All very endearing. On a more technical note, I really love his use of light and shade. The tone and illustrative style very much reminds me of Maurice Sendak’s classic illustrative style in Where The Wild Things Are. Check out more of Kehoe’s work on Flickr


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