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Branding + DIY Zine electives

15 Jun

I just handed in my assignments for my two electives, one on branding and one on DIY Zines. The brief for the branding being to come up with a concept for a new bank or political party and create a communication that is meant to establish trust. I used a slightly facetious approach for it but the idea was an online only bank. I did my DIY Zine on the Modest Mouse album, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. I essentially tried to visually interpret some of the lyrics and general themes from the album. It was a short A5 booklet that folded out into an A3 poster.

As always, I would’ve liked more time to put into them, but hey such is life.

DIY Zine – A5 booklet

A3 poster


My first website is live!

15 Apr

The first site I’ve ever designed is now live!! whoop whoop! I’m actually a bit behind on this one. I completely forgot to post this when it actually went live…a few weeks ago.  oops.

I did the design and a friend did all the coding and backend jazz (I’ll learn that stuff eventually – one step a time). For my very first first foray into web design, I’m pretty proud I must say. Especially considering I no NOTHING about web design whatsoever and totally blagged my way into the job! Its for a start-up market research company. As it is a corporate site, I wanted it to be quite minimalist to ensure the content and information would take precedence. I also wanted it to be themed around their existing logo…which I’ll reiterate, I had nothing to do with! *cough*

I think its especially important for a start-up brand to have a very cohesive identity and incorporate it into everything they do. You’re the new kid in class, so it’s key to really establish who you are and the best way to do that is have a clear, consistent voice/identity.  I did a print brochure for them as well, which is also based on the same aesthetic. Its all about consistency I says.

Rejection :)

28 Mar

Ugh, still working on too many things and haven’t generated a design for today. So, I am going to post some previous work in light of a comment in my last post. In it, I emphasised *cough* that I had NO PART in designing the logo of the company I have just designed a site for. So, here is a logo comp that I actually drafted for them….that was rejected. heh heh It was rejected as they already had sign-off on the existing logo from their board of directors…maybe they just didn’t like it. All good either way. I still think it’s a decent first comp.