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Circular experiments

8 Sep

Last night I got inspired by seeing some abstract circular illustrations and ended up doing a bunch of visual experiments. An hour later, I was left with this. I’m actually thinking about using it for a logomark for a project I’m working on. We’ll see…


Vector App Icons

16 Jul

I’ve been wanting to put more time into making more graphics, specifically vector graphics in Illustrator. Its something I’ve done very little of and need to practice. So I decided to do a quick little activity I’d been thinking about doing for a little while. I wanted to take the icons from a few applications I have on my computer and try to replicate them as vectors. Nothing crazy but I figured it would be a good starting point. I decided to use the icons for Spotify and VLC, as they’re pretty straightforward.

The VLC (orange pylon) one isn’t quite perfect but I didn’t want to spend too much time on it as it was meant as a fun, quick activity…which it definitely was. I think I might do more, maybe slightly more complicated ones, some other time.


4 Jul

Witty title, hey? *ahem* This is a little visual experiment I did this afternoon. I was feeling distinctly guilty for the distinct lack of my own tests/experiments posted for the last while so I decided to work through a tutorial and see what I could come up with. I’ve set myself a goal to try to do at least a couple of CS tutorials a week in order to pick up some of the tricks of the trade.

Applause! poster

23 Jun

This is a quick little poster I did for my the missus’ performing art’s business. Its nice and simple and the intention was to emphasize their four sort of key offerings and to make it appealing to kids under 8 or so and/or their parents, but without being kitchy or cartoony. I tried to do this by injecting a some summery/fun colour – it also served the purpose of helping to make them stand out where ever they’ll be posted.  In retrospect, I over-did the drop shadow on the large text, but whatever 🙂





First new post in what seems like a lifetime

27 May

yeah, been too long. I think with some work this could have potential. Its vaguely inspired by James White (aka Signalnoise) – just in terms of the use of colour really. He likes to work the whole colour spectrum into his stuff.

Outdoor lights

3 Apr

Last night I was hanging out on the rooftop terrace of the building where I live when a I noticed one of my neighbors had a set of Xmas lights set up. At first I didn’t really pay them much attention but I noticed they were rotating through a couple of different colours – green, red, and blue as I recall. I kept watching and was intrigued to notice that, when transitioning from one colour to the next, for a brief second they were actually running through secondary colours. They were more or less rotating through the colour wheel. A surprised observation I stumbled upon halfheartedly while in conversation. So I decided to take a video of it and experiment with them a little. The circular one reminds me of an old 70s tv graphic or something.

Form + colour

26 Mar

Admittedly, I’ve been completely slipping on my design a day plan. However, in my defence, it is a result of being too busy working on projects so I supposed its somewhat excusable – I AM still doing the design work, just haven’t been posting. To make up for it, tomorrow I will post the some work from the aforementioned projects tomorrow but for now here is today’s post. Some experiments with form that I then applied colour to. The initial inspiration came from a book called Principles of Form and Design.