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Editorial update

20 Apr

I have been working on my editorial project again over the last few days and have made some additions. I wanted to incorporate more graphic elements, as initially it was primarily text and image based. So, I’ve added a number of basic geometric shapes in red and grey, as a nod to the Constructivist movement. I think it works pretty well as a means of filling out some of the spaces and adding some additional colour. Plus it drives home the constructivist theme.

I like it but I  am slightly concerned it may be a little over done on certain spreads. I find when you work on a project for so long it becomes really difficult to look at it objectively. Regardless, I think this is very near finished and will very soon be ready for test prints – that is bound to be quite a challenge in itself.


What I’ve been working on/why I haven’t been posting over last week

27 Mar

Right, here are the projects I’ve been feverishly working on over the last week, which have prevented me from posting. I know – excuses, excuses – but I’m hoping the amount I’m about to post will make up for the days I’ve missed over this week.  I’ll get back on track this week, I swear.

This is a corporate website I’ve been working on for a market research company. Nice and simple, minimal – a brochure site basically… and NO, I did NOT make that logo *shudder*

And here is an editorial project I’ve been working on for my postgrad course. Its exploring the connections between the Constructivist movement and the Thames bridges. Still certainly a work in progress but progress is certainly being made. I’m pretty psyched because it features all my own photography, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.