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Vector App Icons

16 Jul

I’ve been wanting to put more time into making more graphics, specifically vector graphics in Illustrator. Its something I’ve done very little of and need to practice. So I decided to do a quick little activity I’d been thinking about doing for a little while. I wanted to take the icons from a few applications I have on my computer and try to replicate them as vectors. Nothing crazy but I figured it would be a good starting point. I decided to use the icons for Spotify and VLC, as they’re pretty straightforward.

The VLC (orange pylon) one isn’t quite perfect but I didn’t want to spend too much time on it as it was meant as a fun, quick activity…which it definitely was. I think I might do more, maybe slightly more complicated ones, some other time.


Visual grammar experiments

25 Apr

Been working on my visual grammar assignment, here’s a handful of trials. Still sort of struggling to find a focus for the final design resolution but I’m hoping if I keep experimenting inspiration will present itself. Fingers crossed.

Microscopic works of art

18 Apr

I’m working on a assignment on typographic classification right now. Essentially the brief boils down to ‘a visual exploration of the formal qualities of at least 6 different typefaces.’ If I’m honest, its been a challenge to make that terribly exciting.  All signs seem to point toward what seemed to be fairly obvious, uninteresting approaches. I was trying to come up with an approach that might be interesting to look at as opposed to a text-based font history lesson.  However, if there’s one way to ensure NOT coming up with an interesting idea…its sitting around trying desperately to come with an interesting idea. *sigh*

Anyway, after a number of failed approaches, I’ve come up with something that I’m think (hope!) has some potential. It was inspired by a quote I’d read a while ago by the one of the kings of typography, Robert Bringhurst – PLUS he’s Canadian…that combo pretty well makes him a deity. He said, ‘Letters are microscopic works of art, as well as useful symbols. They mean what they are, as well as what they say.’ Pretty genius and very true. So, I wanted to take the letterforms out of their normal context and try to make them look like slightly more abstract, artist forms; to draw attention to their distinguishing characters without using arrows pointing at anatomical type parts and using x-height lines, etc. Its interesting though, no matter how much you attempt to abstract them, we’re so used to their forms, you still tend to recognise them as letters. I think that might be the challenge.

Here’s some of the early tests…

Marius Roosendaal

16 Apr

Marius Roosendaal, from the Netherlands, has some incredible work. A lot of his stuff has a very strong sort of 70s sci-fi feel to it, which I love. Very modernist and clean – right up my alley. This is the kind of work that I aspire to….one day, one day. I also included one of his posters that is very much in keeping with the M.O. of this blog; something I often struggle with – fear of failure. Or perhaps more accurately, fear of creative mediocrity.

Click on either image to check out more of his work based around basic geometric forms and typographical explorations.

Visual test for my Zine

5 Apr

Wow, I’m putting in an EARLY entry today (usually its a last min scramble to come up with something before I go to bed). This is an early test of some visual concepts I want to explore for my Modest Mouse zine. The basic idea is to express the way the singer uses a whole number of fairly disparate voices to sing in throughout the album, which is very unusual in popular modern music. I always said it was like he had a number of different characters he’d created that he rotates through for various vocal parts.

Its a rough, 2 min job but I just wanted to see what it would like as a concept. I think it looks kind of interesting…but is it high-brow/design-y enough?! Dunno if I really care. This zine is meant to be more about it being fun and funky than amazingly designed. That is the zine aesthetic, no?


Form + colour

26 Mar

Admittedly, I’ve been completely slipping on my design a day plan. However, in my defence, it is a result of being too busy working on projects so I supposed its somewhat excusable – I AM still doing the design work, just haven’t been posting. To make up for it, tomorrow I will post the some work from the aforementioned projects tomorrow but for now here is today’s post. Some experiments with form that I then applied colour to. The initial inspiration came from a book called Principles of Form and Design.

More colour experiments

21 Mar

This is the first couple of rough prototypes for my Colour & Structure assignment, in which we have to express a number of basic colour concepts/relationships. In these mockups I’m exploring primary, secondary and tertiary colours.  The idea was to create a series of designs where the grid determines the forms. Here the colours only run through the gutters, creating a network of colour streams running on and off the page. I wanted to create a sort of infinite loop pattern so whenever the lines run off the page, they enter again in the same spot on the opposite side (left to right or top to bottom). Its not quite right but I just wanted to test the idea and see how it would look. Could have potential but I would have to redo the grid, allowing for a lot more columns and rows to make the intertwined colours more dense and complex.