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Jim Tierney’s Beautiful Book Covers

10 Sep

I just came across Jim Tierney’s book cover designs. Some amazing work. Also his attention to the medium is very impressive, such as his clever use of bellybands and the like.

Check out his site here


Circular experiments

8 Sep

Last night I got inspired by seeing some abstract circular illustrations and ended up doing a bunch of visual experiments. An hour later, I was left with this. I’m actually thinking about using it for a logomark for a project I’m working on. We’ll see…

Cartoon Me

16 Aug

Lately I’ve been getting into simple, digital illustrations. There’s just something very fun about that sort of simplified, caricature kind of design that really appeals to me. So, I decided to do a quick, 5 minute illustration of myself for a bit of fun. It looks pretty South Park-esque – funny. Good times.