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Infographic of my uselessness today

14 Apr

Useless…useless I say!


Lame sketch

4 Apr

I can’t draw. That’s the simple truth. If I had to draw a straight line to save my life, I’d be f’ed (sideways!). However, I’ve read about a million articles that emphasise the importance of sketching for designers. They all reiterate that it’s the best means of quickly generating a wealth of ideas and seeing how they will look visually – a good idea in your head doesn’t always translate into a good visual.  They also emphasise that they do NOT have to be good or terribly accurate. They’re just to give you a rough idea of how things might look and draw your attention to any potential visual issues you might not anticipate until you’re actually looking at it…or a shitty 6 year old’s sketch of it in my case 🙂 I’ve also read that drawing helps stimulate the parts of your brain where the creative impulses live. In light of all this, seems there’s quite a bit to gain and not much to lose (dignity?!).  So, I’m trying to stop being a wimp, get over it and start sketching a little. No pain no gain and all that.

Side note: I love how changing my career to design and doing this course has essentially rendered me a child again – learning to draw, using glue-sticks and scissors to make simple geometric shapes and stepping back into a classroom. Good times.

So anyway, I quickly sketched a couple of the things in front of me on my desk. Note the computer’s subtle words of encouragement. Pretty indicative of my productivity of late. The weird thing on the right is the called an Air Rocket or something, its a sort of air pump for cleaning dirt off a camera lens….yeah, I know what you were thinking, perv.

Oh,  I’m also including a photo of a little experiment I stumbled upon thanks to my cat digging in one of the plants. I’m doing the DIY graphics elective and my ‘zine’ is going to be centred on a Modest Mouse album called We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. The title is pretty indicative of his lyrics, odd but poignant. One of the key lyrics for me is “Someday you will die somehow and something’s going to steal your carbon.” Amazing line, which I think sums up the transient and regenerative nature of life. We’re all just borrowing (comprised of) elements, which we will have to eventually give back.  Anyway, I am trying to think of typographic treatments to express this. This didn’t quite work but I like the idea of using soil or sand. And luckily, to match my sketching abilities, I also have the handwriting of a 6 year old! Excellent. I’m nothing if not consistent.