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Hackney art-rock

2 Jun

Been a looooooooooooong time since I’ve posted anything on here – but a (very) random experiment this afternoon has yielded….this thing. Yep…I’ve got no idea either, but it seemed vaguely interesting. Seems to have that bizarre, intentionally shitty, 80s-throwback, hipster look.  Reminds me of something you might see as an album cover for a pretentious art-rock band from Hackney.

Happy Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend *crickets*



Taylor Goad infographic

8 Jun

I came across this image on FFFFound! and thought it was a great infographic. This is how its meant to be done. Aesthetically appealing but simple and clear. It makes sure the clarity of the information comes before the aesthetic – a mistake that’s all too common in information design. Check out the rest of Taylor’s work here

Printing – anything’s possible…if you’re rich

29 Apr

In preparation for my project hand-in at the end of May, I’ve been doing some investigating of print and paper stock process, materials and costs. On Tuesday I arranged meetings with paper suppliers GF Smith as well as printers, F.E. Burman. It was a really good and very necessary experience. I think the printing and manufacturing aspect of design can be quite intimidating to a new designer, or at least for me – so it was great to finally speak to the source and get a better understanding of it all. It was incredibly helpful to speak with the printers in particular.Its all fine and good to have grandiose, creative ideas for how you want to present your printed designs, but without a reasonable understanding of the print process, knowing what is possible and knowing what it costs, its all for nothing.

The costs left me pretty jaw-dropped at times to be honest. For instance, I wanted to use embossing on my typographic classification assignment so I inquired about the process. The printer’s response, ‘yeah we can absolutely do that…but the minimum cost for the embossing alone is about £200.’ Needless to say, that was quickly scratched off my list of interesting ways to present my work. Even relatively simple printing is going to be somewhat costly. It became very obvious that printing really is intended for mass-production, not one-off pieces such as our assignments. Regardless of being massively knocked back in terms of what my realistic options are, it was great to get a basic understanding of what processes and paper stocks were out there. Obviously still lots to learn on this front, but I’m sure this will all prove very important in my design career.

Here goes…

14 Mar

Right, been talking about starting a design blog for too long so here goes. Time to start using the interhole as more than just a means of procrastination. See my About page to get the low-down on where the name came from and what I’m trying to achieve here.

PS: This was largely inspired by this Nick Vegas (aka GreyscaleGorilla) talk and his now defunct endeavour. He’s a pretty wise cat.